New Supplier
Existing Supplier


  Document Check List for Supplier Registration Mandatory information to be entered
  Prospective supplier registration:  
  1. Commercial Registration Certificate 1. Bank information
  2. Chamber of Commerce  
  3. Group Insurance Certificate 2. Business Classification
  4. Zakat Certificate - Latest  
  5. Saudization Certificate 3. Enter CR Number in DUNS field starting with 000 (followed by the CR Number
    4. Tax Registration Number
  Spend Authorized:  
  1. Bank Certificate 5. All the details should be in CAPITAL letters
  2. Financial Statement  
    6. All information to be entered in English language only
  Training Material  
  (Please click on below options to download the training video)  
  1. How to register a supplier  
  2. How to update supplier contract details  
  3. How to view Negotiation / Quotation for RFQ  
  4. How to respond to Qualification and manage related questions  
  5. How to see and acknowledge Purchase Order, online  
  6. How to create and view Advance Shipment Notice (ASN)  
  7. How to view Goods Receiving and Goods Retrun  
  8. How to create and submit online Invoices  
  9. How to file an online Complain